Eligibility Documentation

 Eligibility Requirements
for people interested in Training

Income Guidelines may apply
Bring in one document from each group

1. PROOF  OF U.S. WORK AUTHORIZATION (one of the following):
- Naturalization Paper
- Alien Registration Card  (forms I-179, I-94, I-688, I-688A, I-688B, I-197, I-327, I-551, I-571, I-766)
- U.S. Birth abstract or certificate (if you were born in the US)
- U.S. Passport (either current or expired)

2. PROOF OF ADDRESS (one of the following):     
- Driver’s License or MA Registry of Motor Vehicles I.D. Card    
- Post-marked envelope  (not over 30 days old) 
- Letter from agency providing 24-hour care (not over 30 days old)
- Lease agreement 

3. PROOF OF SOCIAL NUMBER (one of the following):
- Social Security card 
- Driver’s License  (if on License)
- Social Security Benefits printout  (not over 30 days old)

In addition to the documents above, if you are receiving:
- Food Stamp or TAFDC benefits: please bring a DTA printout
- SSI: please bring a printout from Social Security
- SSDI: please bring a printout from Social Security & Birth Certificates for all household members
- Working Income: If anyone in your household is currently EMPLOYED or have worked in the past (6) months, please bring in the last 6 pay stubs for every job.  To validate family size bring in a Birth Certificate for each family member as well as a lease agreemnt or most recent TAX form (1722)

Information regarding SSI, SSDI or Social Security numbers can be obtained at:
Social Security Administration
53 North 6th Street
New Bedford, MA  02740
(866) 964-7413

Information regarding the Department of Transitional Assistance can be obtained at:
160 West Rodney French Blvd.
New Bedford, MA 02744
(508) 961-2000
DTA printout hotline:  1-800-632-8095

*Failure to present these documents may DELAY possible training opportunities*

*Males born after December 31, 1959 must be registered for Selective Service* www.www.gov