16 – 17 Years Old

In-School Program
The In-School Program provides services to youth attending a traditional school system at the time of application. (Note: Applications for in-school services are available only once a year during the Spring, at the Greater New Bedford Career Center).

Services Include:

  • Individual career exploration, career counseling, and assessment
  • Six weeks subsidized summer work experience
  • Educational component incorporating Massachusetts Work Based Learning Plan
  • Individual Service Strategy Plan
  • Year round services
    • Tutoring, study skills training, dropout prevention strategies
    • Summer employment opportunities
    • Support services
    • Adult mentoring
    • Paid and unpaid work experience
    • Leadership development opportunities
    • Follow-up services
    • Comprehensive guidance and counseling

Out-of-School Program
The Out-of-School Program provides services to youth who have dropped out of school or have already earned a GED or high school diploma, but still lack the basic skills needed to obtain employment. Applications for out of school services are available year round.

Services Include:

  • Occupational training (Courses include but are not limited to: C.N.A., Medical Assistant, Medical Office, and Emergency Medical Technician Training)
  • Career exploration focused on long-term job placement
  • GED preparation classes
  • Job-Readiness Workshops

Retail and Customer Service Training
The goal of the Customer Service Training Program is to prepare youth between the ages of 16-21 for the sales and service industry. Participants will become better prepared for any job that requires Customer Service, Teamwork, and Communication. Youth participating in the program will receive 17.5 hours of customer service training and job readiness. Upon completion of the training program and the National Retail Certification Exam youth will be placed in non-subsidized internships with local retail employers for on-the-job training.

Pathways to MCAS Success Program
The Pathways to MCAS Success Program is a partnership between Greater New Bedford area high schools and the New Bedford Workforce Investment Board. Students enrolled with the Pathways to MCAS Success Program will receive direct services, with the primary focus on individualized plans for each youth. Each student’s plan will outline his or her goals and objectives in defining a career and/or educational path after high school.
Services offered to Pathways students include:

MCAS Remediation Individuals who have completed high school but not yet passed MCAS have an opportunity to take the MCAS in November and March. Remediation and tutoring are available throughout the year at the high schools, BCC Fall River, and the New Directions Southcoast, Inc. Youth Department.

Career Exploration Job Readiness workshops are available to enhance resume and interviewing skills and job search appointments are available at the Greater New Bedford Career Center. Internships are also available to individuals who wish to gain experience and explore career fields of interest

Internships/Training Individuals enrolled in the Pathways Program looking for employment or training are offered opportunities to participate in the Retail Training/Customer Service Program through the Youth Services Department of New Directions Southcoast, Inc. The goal of this training is to prepare students for the sales and service industry. Upon completion of the training program and National Retail Certification Exam pathways participants will be placed in internships with local retail employers for on-the-job training.

Field Trips High school seniors are also encouraged to participate in field trips to the Greater New Bedford Career Center to learn more about services offered by Career Center staff and partners.

YouthWorks is a summer employment program set up to service youth from the New Bedford area, ages 14-21 who have not met the criteria for our WIA-Title 1 services, but still meet a specific income criteria. YouthWorks is a 6-week summer program geared towards providing youth with high quality and substantial employment and career development opportunities.

(Note: Refer to Youth Events in the Events Calendar for more information.)

Pathways to Success by Age 21 (P21)
P21 is a national initiative implemented at the local level. The mission of P21 is to engage disconnected youth in employment and educational opportunities. New Directions Southcoast Inc. has two youth staff committed to P21 who provide job search assistance at the Greater New Bedford Career Center and participate in specialized programs for youth who are most in need of services.

Job Readiness Workshops, Resume Writing and Job Searching
The job-searching component to our Youth Department is focused on providing all interested youth with employment assistance and opportunities.

Youth can come into the Greater New Bedford Career Center during scheduled hours and meet with one of our youth counselors to go over recent job postings, as well as, sit down and develop an eye-catching resume.

We offer job readiness workshops to assist youth better prepare themselves to begin the job search process.

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